ASLTA Position Papers

Guidelines for Hiring ASL Teachers

ASLTA Recommendations on ASL Instructional Class Sizes

ASLTA Recommendations on the Use of the Target Language in the Classroom (coming soon)

How Are Position Papers Created?

ASLTA develops position papers based on input from members or in response to a national need for guidance regarding ASL education. To advocate for development of a new position paper, submit a motion to be discussed at the next national ASLTA conference. Prepare a statement outlining the need for a position paper on the topic, a rationale, and potential impact. Members attending the conference will vote to accept or deny the motion. If the motion passes, then ASLTA will call for a special committee to draft the position paper and share the draft with membership for approval.

Alternatively, ASLTA may request development of a position paper if there is a pressing need to address the topic at the national level. One or more Board members may be called upon to draft the position paper, which will then be presented to membership for approval.