ASL Honor Society (ASLHS)

The ASL Honor Society (ASLHS) is a program for all ASL teachers! The ASLHS is a program offered by ASLTA to bring more value and visibility to ASL programs at the high school, college, and university levels.

Enrich Your ASL Classroom Experience

  • Annual National ASL Literature Competition to help students improve their storytelling skills
  • Annual Deaf Art competition to expose students to Deaf artists and the Deaf experience
  • Grant opportunities for teachers to purchase classroom materials, pay for guest speakers, field trips, and more!

Motivate and Inspire Your Students

  • Win cash prizes at competitions
  • Earn honor cords or medals to wear at graduation
  • Become eligible to apply for the only national scholarship open to students majoring or minoring in ASL, Deaf Education, Deaf Studies, and Interpreter Education

The ASL Honor Society is here to make your teaching experience more positive, more rewarding, and more satisfying!

Join Today!

ASLHS program fees:

One year: $25.00 (mailed in) / $26.00 (paid online)

Two years: $40.00 (mailed in) / $42.00 (paid online)

Second ASLHS School?

Do you work at a second school and want to add another ASL Honor Society membership? Click below to register your other school.

Have questions about the ASL Honor Society? Contact the Coordinator (