ASLTA Committees

A great way for a member to become more involved with ASLTA is by serving on one of the committees that help fulfill Association goals. There are two types of committees: Ad Hoc and Standing. Ad hoc committees focus on accomplishing specific tasks, and volunteer service ends once the intended project is completed. Standing committees are permanent and volunteers continue serving until the committee is formally disbanded, or until the volunteer decides to part from the committee.

Common Questions

  • Is ASLTA certification required to serve on a committee? No! All ASLTA members in good standing may serve on committees.
  • How do committees meet? Committees meet and work together via videoconferencing applications.
  • Do committees ever meet in person? If committee members need to gather, then those costs are covered by ASLTA.

Benefits of Volunteering

  • You gain direct experience with a national-level organization, which can be a positive addition to your resume.
  • You develop a deeper understanding of how ASLTA works, which can be useful if you want to pursue service on the ASLTA Board.
  • You become an active rather than passive member, involved in helping shape and guide ASLTA into the future.
  • You meet members from all over the country and form new personal and professional connections with people who share a passion for ASL education.

How Does ASLTA Benefit?

  • ASLTA relies on volunteers to run the entire Association. The more volunteers that are involved is directly proportional to what ASLTA can accomplish for all of its members.
  • Development of leadership skills ensures ASLTA has members who are motivated, committed, and willing to serve the Association into the future.
  • The variety of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences contribute to a healthier and stronger Association, benefitting all members.

Current Committees: Bylaws; ASL Can-Do Statements; Evaluation, Revision, and Appeals; Logo Development; 2021 Conference

More information about each committee is below.

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws committee oversees the development, maintenance, and updates to the policies that guide how ASLTA functions and fulfills its mission and obligations to members. Committee members typically meet to discuss issues that need clarification in the Bylaws, conduct research to see how other nonprofit organizations function, and can ultimately propose Bylaws amendments to be voted on by members. This is a standing committee. 

This committee is not seeking additional volunteers at this time. 

ASL Can-Do Statements Committee

The ASL Can-Do Statements committee is developing a set of Can-Do Statements to reflect best practices in content and proficiency development for the ASL classroom. Committee members meet regularly to develop self-assessment objectives for language learners to assess what they “can do” with ASL and intercultural content. The ASL Can-Do Statements project is an example of the partnership between ASLTA and ACTFL to ensure ASL education meets the same standards and expectations as spoken languages.

The ASL Can-Do Statements focus on identifying what students are expected to do as part of their ASL education in the following domains, for students at the novice through distinguished levels:

  • Interpretive Communication
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Presentational Communication
  • Intercultural Communicative Competence

This is an ad-hoc committee. 

This committee is not seeking additional volunteers at this time. 

Evaluation Advisory Committee

The Evaluation, Revision, and Appeals committee oversees ASLTA’s Evaluation program. Only those members with ASLTA certification may serve on this committee. The committee is responsible for ensuring each element of the ASLTA certification process reflects best practices and periodically reviews the program for improvement. This is a standing committee. 

This committee is not seeking volunteers at this time. 

2021 ASLTA Conference Committee

The 2021 conference committee oversees all aspects of ASLTA’s national conference to be held in Columbus, Ohio, in 2021. This is an ad hoc committee.

This committee is seeking volunteers.