Other Ways To Be Involved With ASLTA

Another way ASLTA members can get involved is by helping improve the website. Specifically, ASLTA is looking for the following:


  • Pictures of ASL educators teaching. Examples: Teacher standing in front of a class; tutoring; having a discussion between a teacher and student, etc. ASLTA is looking for pictures showing ASL teaching as it looks like in real life.
  • Pictures of ASL students learning and using ASL. Examples: Small group discussions; a student giving a presentation; students watching a signer.

While not every picture submitted can be accepted, the intent is to place such photos on various pages of the ASLTA website. Photo details:

  • Reflecting social diversity is important, for both teachers and students.
  • Any type of photo can be submitted (.tif, .jpg, etc.).
  • All people appearing in a photo must sign a disclosure agreement allowing their photos to be used. Contact the ASLTA Secretary for the form.
  • Photos of individuals less than 18 years of age cannot be submitted, unless student faces are blurred to prevent identification.
  • Send photos along with the signed disclosure agreement and a list clearly identifying who appears in each photo to the ASLTA Secretary.


  • Short videos of ASL teachers talking about teaching ASL. Examples: A common problem with a unique solution you want to share; why and how you became an ASL teacher; giving advice to future ASL teachers.
  • Short videos explaining what ASLTA means to you as an ASL professional.
  • Each individual appearing in a video must sign a disclosure agreement allowing their video/s to be used. Contact the ASLTA Secretary for the form.
  • Videos of individuals less than 18 years of age cannot be submitted.
  • Contact the ASLTA Secretary when you have a video to submit, and you will be given uploading instructions.

Thank you for getting involved with ASLTA!

Shopping on Amazon Helps ASLTA!

Did you know that you can support ASLTA without spending any extra money? You can if you’re an amazon.com shopper! It helps even if you only occasionally use Amazon to shop online.

How to Get Started:

  1. Log out of amazon.com if you’re logged in, and go to http://smile.amazon.com.
  2. Type in American Sign Language Teachers Association.
  3. Select ASLTA! You know you want to!
  4. Hit “Start Shopping.”
  5. Now the important part: Bookmark this URL as your starting place every time you visit Amazon.com to shop.
  6. You should see at the top of your window when you are logged in something like “You are supporting the American Sign Language Teachers Association.”
  7. ASLTA earns .05% of your eligible purchases. Be assured that ASLTA has no way of knowing what you buy. It is completely private.

What a great way to support ASLTA!