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Advocating for quality ASL instruction at all levels since 1976.

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Let’s work together to improve the quality of American Sign Language (ASL) education. You can learn more about the ASL Teachers Association’s (ASLTA) certification program.


Our National Professional Development Conference is held every two years and empowers members with opportunities for growth both professionally and personally.

ASL / Deaf Education Teachers / Specialists

ASLTA is dedicated to the improvement and expansion of ASL teaching and Deaf Studies at all levels of instruction.

Membership in ASLTA provides opportunities for Deaf education teachers, ASL teachers, and ASL specialists to demonstrate their expertise, network with other professionals and stay current on the latest resources.

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ASLTA is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supported by the generosity of its individual and organizational members and donors. Membership in ASLTA is open to all educators of American Sign Language, Deaf Studies, and related professions, as well as those individuals who support the goals of the organization.

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