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ASLTA is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All financial donations are tax deductible to the extent permissible by law. You may specify that your donation be directed to one of the following funds:

General Donation: Supports ASLTA's current projects.

LF2 Fund: Supports leadership training and development.
This fund honors Lawrence Fleischer (1945-2009) and Laurence Forestal (1939-2011), both former Presidents of ASLTA.

L1 Initiatives Fund: Supports projects benefiting Deaf children learning ASL as a native language.
Established by Timothy "Timo" Owens (1956-2015), ASLTA President and a staunch advocate for Deaf children's language and social development. 

Riggs Fund: Supports state-level ASLTA chapters.
Thomas Riggs (1953-2009) was a longtime advocate for local ASLTA chapters, and served on the ASLTA Board as the Chapters Chair for many years. 

Please indicate the intended donation category in the notes below when you enter your payment amount (otherwise general donation will be selected).

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ASLTA deeply appreciates the financial support of our members, friends, and community partners. 

If you prefer to not be listed here by name, please include your wish to remain anonymous in the Notes section of the donor form above.

2019 – 2020 Donations

AmazonSmile Foundation

Jennifer Carmean

Ronald Centofanti

Brandon Ebersole

Samuel Griffiths

Patti M., in memory of Rita M. Cifelli

T. McCull, in memory of Rita M. Cifelli

Barbara Meyers

Mark B. Miller and Family, in honor of Rita M. Cifelli

Kathryn Murdock

Oak Park High School / Deanne Bray, to the ASL Honor Society

Pat Romano

Irene Sanko

Temecula Valley High School ASL Club / Stevie Collins

Kristen Thomasson

M.E. Wilson, in  honor of Jordan Haug’s birthday

2018 – 2019 Donations

AmazonSmile Foundation

C. Anderson

Auburn Riverside High School

Glenna Ashton

Patrick Boudreault

(in memory of LaVerne Cagle)

Keith Cagle

Michele Gachowski

Patricia Lessard

Carol Manning

Scott Millen

Network for Good

PayPal Giving Fund

Shawn Shannon

Jason E. Zinza (in memory of Patricia Yates)

Help ASLTA Reach The Goal!

Once each restricted fund reaches the $10,000.00 level, grants can be made to further ASLTA’s work.

Questions? Contact the Treasurer.

Thank You To Our Volunteers!

Rose Adams (ASL Honor Society)
Garrett Bose (2019 Conference Committee)
Bryan Bowen (Regional Representative)
Keri Brooks (former Board member)
Bo Clements (Regional Representative)
Brad Cohen (2019 Conference Committee)
Erin Olson Dickinson (2019 Conference Committee)
Lorraine Flores (current Board member)
Adam Frost (2019 Conference Committee)
Keith Gamache (2019 Conference Committee)
Arlene Garcia (former Board member)
Joel Garcia (2019 Conference Committee)
Lisa Godfrey (former ASL Honor Society)
Daniel Gough (former Board member)
Jenny Gough (former Board member)
Leslie Greer (former Bylaws committee)
Kristine Hall (2019 Conference Committee)
Barbara Hayes (Regional Representative)
Daniel Heinze (former Board member)
Lisa Hermatz (2019 Conference Committee)
Karyn Houston (Bylaws committee)
Anthony Isaacs (former Bylaws Committee member)
Tracy Ivy (ASL Can-Do Statements Committee)
Cynthia Kaniski (Bylaws Committee)
Tricia McCarthy (former ASL Honor Society)
Christine Multra-Kraft (former Board member)
Nicholas Lalanne (ASL Can-Do Statements Committee)
Tina Leonard (2019 Conference Committee)
Jason Listman (Can-Do Statements Committee)
Christy Lively (2019 Conference Committee)
Daniel Lunt (Bylaws Committee)
Joy Maisel (2019 Conference Committee)
David Martin (Standing Committee: Communications)
Arlon Nash (2021 Conference Committee)
Bill Newell (former Board member)
Katie O’Brien (Bylaws Committee)
Tony Park (Bylaws Committee)
Jessica Parker (ASL Honor Society)
Svenna Pederson (2019 Conference Committee)
Beatrice Pfaff (current Board member)
John Pirone (ASL Can-Do Statements Committee)
Tim Riker (former Board member)
Amy June Rowley (current Board member)
Jon Savage (2019 Conference Committee)
Brenda Schertz (Regional Representative)
Christine Sharkey (ASL Honor Society)
Steve Singer (ASL Honor Society)
Janice Smith-Warshaw (current Board member)
José-Ovi Velasquez (former Board member)
Georgette Visco (2019 Conference Committee)
JD Willey (2019 Conference Committee)
Tom Wills (ASL Can-Do Statements Committee)
James Wilson (current Board member)
Lori Woods (2021 Conference Committee)
Candy Yoder (ASL Honor Society)
Jason E. Zinza (current Board member)