All Candidates for certification must meet the following standards for the Qualified certification level.
Note: If you apply for Qualified certification and pass you will be automatically rolled over to Certified under the new evaluation system. 
Candidates must prepare and submit to the Evaluation Committee the following documentation and successfully complete the ASLTA Written Evaluation:
1. Evidence that you presently hold Provisional level certification.
2. A Portfolio, which includes:
    a. Documentation of a minimum of 240 hours of ASL teaching experience. (Up to 120 hours may be in the related teaching area, ex. Deaf Studies, Interpreter Education, Education of Deaf Students) use Appendix C, p. 7)
      b. Documentation of 150 hours of ASL and first/second language teacher training or equivalent. (Use Documentation of Professional Development Forms, Appendixes D & E, pp.9-11). See Appendix I, pp. 15-16 for the list of Suggested Professional Development topics as a guideline.
Note: The ASLTA Evaluation System requires you to have a total of 480 hours of paid ASL and related teaching experience (at least half must be ASL teaching) and 300 hours of professional development in order to complete the Provisional, Qualified and Professional levels. If you are already an experienced ASL teacher and have met these requirements in the last 5 years, you should document ALL your relevant teaching and professional development here (at the Qualified level). You will not have to repeat this paperwork at the Professional level.
3. Completion of the ASLTA Written Exam.
How these forms of documentation will be evaluated:
a. Your portfolio documentation will be evaluated to ensure that you meet the minimum standards of professional experience and training. The Evaluation Office may request you to submit clarification and/or additional information.
b. Your written exam will be judged to conform to acceptable/recognized professional practices and knowledge of both ASL structure (linguistic information) and teaching practices, strategies, and procedures.
You will be judged primarily on your knowledge of ASL linguistics and teaching practices. Your written English skills are not evaluated, but your responses must be intelligible to the ASLTA evaluators. Evaluators may request further information or rewriting of certain responses judged to be unclear. At the discretion of the evaluators, you may be asked to produce a videotape, which will further clarify your responses.

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