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All Candidates for certification must meet the following standards for the Professional certification level.
Professional Certification 
Note: If you apply for Professional certification and pass you will automatically be rolled over to Master under the new evaluation system.
Candidates for the Professional Certificate must prepare and submit to the Evaluation Committee the following documentation and successfully pass the ASLTA Evaluation Interview.
1. Evidence that they presently hold Qualified level certification.
2. A Portfolio
a. Documentation of a total of 240 hours of ASL teaching experience. (Up to 120 hours of a total of 240 hours may be in a related teaching area, ex., Deaf Studies, Interpreter Education, Education of Deaf Students). Use Appendix C, p. 7. You do not have to repeat information if you have documented more than 480 hours at the Qualified level. Write a note on the form to inform us to look at your Qualified documentation.
b. Documentation of 150 hours of ASL and first/second language teacher training or equivalent (use Documentation of Professional Development Form, Appendixes D & E, pp. 9-11)
c. Documentation (copy of degree or transcripts) that you hold a Bachelors or higher degree
3. Successful completion of the ASLTA Interview. You will be scheduled for an ASLTA Interview at the next available Interviewing date.
How these forms of documentation will be evaluated:
1. Your portfolio documentation will be evaluated to ensure that you meet the minimum standards of professional experience and training for Professional Level certification. The Evaluation Office may request you to submit clarification and/or additional information.
2. During your interview, a panel of ASLTA evaluators will ask you a series of questions regarding your knowledge of ASL and first/second language teaching practices. You may be asked to view videotapes of ASL students and comment on their skills.
3. The evaluators will individually rate your responses based on their knowledge of the field, current practices, and good teaching standards.
The primary purpose of the interview is to test your knowledge and ability to respond in a professional manner. The interview will be conducted in ASL.
In the report of your evaluation interview which you will receive, you may be asked to submit additional information, write a paper addressing certain aspects of teaching or submit a DVD or unlisted YouTube / Vimeo demonstrating certain skills and/or knowledge.

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