ASLTA Chapter Requirements

Chapter Requirements

  • Have a minimum of eight (8) members (not restricted to ASL/Deaf Studies teachers).
  • All Officers and the Professional Development Chair are required to be members of National ASLTA.
  • Contact Chapter Affiliation/Bylaws Chair for an application packet.
  • Establish a working group to draft written bylaws.
  • Complete the affiliation process, including review, approval of bylaws and National ASLTA Board approval, within six (6) months from the date of receipt of application.
  • Submit bylaws – reviewed by the ASLTA Chapter Affiliation/Bylaws Chair and approved by the National ASLTA Board – with an Application Fee and Annual Chapter renewal fee.
  • Following approval by the National ASLTA Board, new Chapters will hold an election for the following offices:
    • President
    • Vice-President
    • Secretary*
    • Treasurer*
    • Professional Development Chair (PDC); the PDC may either be an elected position or appointed by the President. This position is REQUIRED of all new and existing Chapters.
    • Chapters may choose to have additional executive officers.
  • Provide at least 12 hours of professional development per year for Chapter members and interested persons. The PDC is responsible for maintaining records of the workshop program, submitting information for the ASLTA website in a timely manner, workshop outline, and attendance of members at the workshop.

*Positions of Secretary and Treasurer may be combined.

Chapters agree to support ASLTA by:

  • Encouraging their members to be members of National ASLTA.
  • Supporting ASLTA through involvement in National ASLTA committees.
  • Keeping lines of communications open between Chapters and the National ASLTA Board.
  • Supporting to the fullest extent the goals and objectives of National ASLTA.
  • Sending meeting minutes to the National ASLTA Chapter Affiliation/Bylaws Chair and periodically contributing news and workshop announcements to the ASLTA Newsletter Editor and ASLTA webmaster.
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