Affiliated State and Local Chapters are important partners for ASLTA.

Chapters provide a local presence, bring national attention to regional needs and improve the quality of ASL instruction via professional development, increased awareness and advocacy.

Chapters also:

  • Promote official recognition of ASL as a language.
  • Promote professional quality in ASL/Deaf Studies teaching.
  • Facilitate an effective avenue for exchange of information regarding methods and materials for ASL/Deaf Studies teaching.
  • Provide members a minimum of 12 hours per year of professional development related to ASL/Deaf Studies teaching.
  • Increase the number of local members to obtain and maintain ASLTA certification.
  • Provide input into National ASLTA’s standards and procedures for ASL/Deaf Studies teaching.
  • Encourage educational institutions and community-based programs to include ASL/Deaf Studies in their curricula and hire ASLTA-certified teachers.
  • Engage in advocacy with the local/state/regional associations of the Deaf and language teaching organizations to promote ASLTA certification for ASL/Deaf Studies teachers.

Affiliated ASLTA Chapters benefit from affiliation with ASLTA via national exposure, networking, and eligibility for financial assistance.

Other benefits include:

  • Use of the acronym “ASLTA” in Chapter identification materials.
  • Priority scheduling for ASLTA evaluations.
  • Designated space in the national ASLTA newsletter/website to communicate Chapter events or news.
  • Receive emailed National ASLTA board meeting highlights.
  • Officers’ contact information included in the ASLTA website.
  • Chapter President or designated representative is invited to attend and engage in National ASLTA Board meetings.
  • Eligible to apply for a one-time Matching Professional Development Fund (MPDF) up to $500.00 within two years of Chapter affiliation date. (Note: Chapters have no legal or financial connection to National ASLTA for purposes of 501©3 status, tax exemption or insurance)
  • New Chapters receive a Start-Up Kit which includes a video “ASLTA Evaluation & Certification.”
  • National ASLTA may send a board member to the newly affiliated Chapter during the first year to: award affiliation, share National ASLTA issues, progress and plans, develop a two (2) year strategic plan, member recruitment and share regional concerns with National ASLTA.

You can find more information about Chapter Guidelines here

To register for a new ASLTA Chapter, you must:

1) Make sure the primary contact person of the proposed new chapter has current ASLTA membership.

2) Contact the ASLTA Chapter Affiliation Director to discuss policies and requirements.

3) Complete the Chapter Registration Application by clicking the red button below.

4) If your chapter is approved, you will receive a new ASLTA-domain email address to be used for all chapter business (example email:

5) If your chapter is approved, you will need to pay a one-time only Chapter Affiliation Fee of $100.00. You will receive instructions how to pay this fee. Chapter dues of $50.00 must be paid beginning the following year after becoming an approved chapter.

Chapter renewal dues follow the membership cycle, which runs from September 1 to August 31 each year.

To renew your ASLTA chapter dues:

1) Log out of your personal ASLTA membership (if you are logged in). To log out, click on “LOG OUT” on the top right corner of the ASLTA website.

2) Go to MY ACCOUNT on the main ASLTA website.

3) Log in with your ASLTA chapter email address and password. You cannot pay chapter dues using your personal ASLTA account. You must use the chapter email address you were provided. If you have forgotten your password, contact the ASLTA Treasurer.

4) Once you have logged in with your ASLTA chapter email address, click on the link below.

Have questions about ASLTA chapters? Please contact the Chapters Coordinator (