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Affiliated State and Local Chapters are important partners for ASLTA.

Chapters provide a local presence, bring national attention to regional needs and improve the quality of ASL instruction via professional development, increased awareness and advocacy.

Chapters also:

  • Promote official recognition of ASL as a language.
  • Promote professional quality in ASL/Deaf Studies teaching.
  • Facilitate an effective avenue for exchange of information regarding methods and materials for ASL/Deaf Studies teaching.
  • Provide members a minimum of 12 hours per year of professional development related to ASL/Deaf Studies teaching.
  • Increase the number of local members to obtain and maintain ASLTA certification.
  • Provide input into National ASLTA’s standards and procedures for ASL/Deaf Studies teaching.
  • Encourage educational institutions and community-based programs to include ASL/Deaf Studies in their curricula and hire ASLTA-certified teachers.
  • Engage in advocacy with the local/state/regional associations of the Deaf and language teaching organizations to promote ASLTA certification for ASL/Deaf Studies teachers.

Affiliated ASLTA Chapters benefit from affiliation with ASLTA via national exposure, networking, and eligibility for financial assistance.

Other benefits include:

  • Use of the acronym “ASLTA” in Chapter identification materials.
  • Priority scheduling for ASLTA evaluations.
  • Designated space in the national ASLTA newsletter/website to communicate Chapter events or news.
  • Receive emailed National ASLTA board meeting highlights.
  • Officers’ contact information included in the ASLTA website.
  • Chapter President or designated representative is invited to attend and engage in National ASLTA Board meetings.
  • Eligible to apply for a one-time Matching Professional Development Fund (MPDF) up to $500.00 within two years of Chapter affiliation date. (Note: Chapters have no legal or financial connection to National ASLTA for purposes of 501©3 status, tax exemption or insurance)
  • New Chapters receive a Start-Up Kit which includes a video “ASLTA Evaluation & Certification.”
  • National ASLTA may send a board member to the newly affiliated Chapter during the first year to: award affiliation, share National ASLTA issues, progress and plans, develop a two (2) year strategic plan, member recruitment and share regional concerns with National ASLTA.
Establish a New ASLTA Chapter

Established ASLTA Chapters may pay annual dues online or by mail.
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