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ASLTA Certification ensures that ASL instructors at all levels are highly qualified to teach ASL and the culture and community of ASL users. ASLTA provides professional development and information on the latest developments in the field of ASL instruction and certification to our member teachers.

Below are our current Certified Members who have given permission to be listed in this directory. (Certified but not in this directory? Log in and edit your account preferences.)

Certified Members

You can also contact your local chapter of ASLTA or post an employment opportunity. Local Deaf Service Centers, schools for the Deaf, colleges that offer ASL instruction, and other similar places may also be able to refer you to ASL teachers.
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Best Practices for Hiring an ASL Teacher

As an ASL Program Administrator or other person responsible for offering ASL classes, we know you are concerned about providing the highest quality instruction for your students.

An ASLTA certification helps ensure that a teacher is qualified to teach ASL. We hope you will make ASLTA Certification an important criterion in your selection process for teachers of ASL.
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Some certified ASLTA teachers are teaching classes available to the public. Locate those in your state by clicking or tapping on the “State” column header on this page to sort the list of certified members by state.

Looking for an ASL Interpreter?

The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) maintains a website with searchable listings of interpreters, interpreter agencies, and interpreter training programs. Visit for more information.