Past & Future Conferences

Conference program books may be viewed by clicking the link. More program books will be added.

  • 1999: Rochester, NY
  • 2000: Norfolk, VA *with NAD
  • 2002: Washington, DC *with NAD
  • 2003: Indianapolis, IN
  • 2004: Washington, DC *with NAD
  • 2005: Las Vegas, NV
  • 2007: Tampa, FL
  • 2009: Phoenix, AZ
  • 2011: Seattle, WA
  • 2013: Charlotte, NC
  • 2015: Minneapolis, MN
  • 2017: Salt Lake City, UT
  • 2019: San Diego, CA
  • 2021: Columbus, OH (June 30 – July 3, 2021)
  • 2023: Orlando, FL

ASLTA Conferences

ASLTA collaborates with a local state ASLTA chapter to host the national professional development conference. Chapters bid to host a national conference during the General Business meeting, and members vote to determine the winning bid. Benefits of this partnership include:

  • Profit sharing between ASLTA national and the ASLTA chapter (75% / 25%)
  • Energizes the local chapter, increasing membership and participation
  • Allows the national conference to be held in various parts of the country
  • Brings 500+ ASL educators to the site, boosting visibility and recognition of ASL

How Does the Conference Hosting Process Work? 

  1. 4+ years before the conference date, the local ASLTA chapter decides to submit a bid to host the national conference.
  2. Leaders of the local ASLTA chapter present a formal bid at the ASLTA conference 4 years before the desired conference event.
  3. If there are several bids, members vote on who should host the national conference.
  4. The local chapter and ASLTA develop a memo of understanding and a preparation timeline outlining what needs to be done and when to ensure a successful conference.
  5. The local chapter actively begins planning the conference at least 2 years before the conference event.
  6. The local chapter confirms conference dates.
  7. The local chapter finalizes the conference location, hotel discounts, etc.
  8. One year before the conference, registration begins.
  9. Finally, the conference opens!