General Questions About ASLTA Certification

Contact your state’s Department of Education to get information about requirements to teach in the public K-12 system. Each state has different requirements to become an ASL teacher.

State requirements may include any of the following:

  • ASLTA certification
  • Teacher training program ASL endorsement
  • State-issued ASL classroom certificate

Provisional (closed to new applicants)





ASLTA certification is for people who teach ASL:

  • The public or private K-16 system
  • Schools for the Deaf
  • ASL lab tutoring centers

ASLTA certification does not:

  • Assess an ASL student’s language proficiency
  • Certify professionals who are not ASL teachers but use ASL as part of their jobs
  • Measure a person’s knowledge of ASL for high school or college credit

Employers may want to verify that an individual has earned ASLTA certification. Employers may verify ASLTA certification status by searching the ASLTA Member Directory. In some cases, an individual has requested not to be included in the directory. Please contact the Evaluation Office to verify ASLTA certification status if a person does not appear in the ASLTA Member Directory.