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Florida Certification Requirements

This information is about the states’ K – 12 teacher certification requirements for ASL teachers which includes the ASLTA certification. […]

North Carolina

View the Proposed Standards for Licensure in American Sign Language (ASL), specifically pages numbered 11 and 12, for certification requirements for ASL Teachers. The North Carolina State Department of Public Instruction requires ASLTA Provisional Certification and a bachelor degree first before you can get a license from the State of North [...]


Virginia's State Board of Education published Licensure Regulations for School Personnel.  The section pertaining to ASL teachers is found on the page numbered 47 in the document.

CEU Participants

Please Note: In order to earn CEUs, during the conference you must arrive in the workshop within the first 15 minutes and be in the workshop from the first 15 minutes until the end without any exceptions. Upon completion of the workshop you are required to fill out and turn [...]

Tentative Schedule

Here’s tentative schedule as of late. We will continue to update the schedule as things develop. Sign up for subscription and we will be sure to keep you updated. Tuesday June 23, 2015 Golf Tourney* Details TBA*  (separate from registration) Wednesday June 24 2015 Pre-Conference Opening Ceremony dinner “Taste of Minnesota” [...]